Phygital Play


This project focuses on the screen time issue, a growing phenomenon, which may cause an increase of health issues. A new gaming framework is proposed as a step forward in the virtual-physical contamination already largely addressed in research. The system consists of a projected playground, on which people and robot(s) can physically interact. The role of the robot is enhanced entrusting it different roles, from a companion, to an adversary, to the avatar of a remote player.

The project was promoted by TIM, and developed in collaboration with Fabrizio Lamberti e Giovanni Piumatti, from DAUIN, Politecnico di Torino.


The Phygital Play gaming platform is a mixed-reality playground obtained combining a projector, two depth cameras (Microsoft Kinect v2.0) and commercial robots. The projector is used to display a virtual playground on the floor, while the depth cameras are used to track the position respectively of the players and the robots.

Phygital Play from Maria Luce Lupetti on Vimeo.

Publications about the project:

Designing Playful HRI. Acceptability of Robots in Everyday Life through Play

Phygital play HRI in a new gaming scenario