Open AniMates


OpenAnimates is an extension of the Shybo project. This second phase of the project was carried out in Italy in collaboration with Annalisa Gallo, didactic manager of 10100 Percorsi, an organization that offer extracurricular courses to schools, and Lorenzo Romagnoli, interaction designer and creative technologist. Through this collaboration a second version of the robot and a novel playful learning experience were co-designed.

The “Open AniMates” concept represents the result of this co-design process. It consists of a didactic project that involved primary school children and a teacher in a playful learning experience called “Bringing Shybo home”, carried out in three morning sessions. The robot was used as protagonist of a story and the activities were connected with the school curricula. By interacting with Shybo, in fact, children could explore concepts related to art, music, informatics, geography and local knowledge.

Children, the real protagonists of the whole activity, were engaged through the pretense of finding out where the robot came from with the final intent of bringing it home. By doing so, they analysed the robot and reflected on its features, abilities, ideantity and how it differ from humans. A little extract of the experience can be watched in this video.

Bringing Shybo Home from Maria Luce Lupetti on Vimeo.

The project was selected among the ten finalists of the Up4School prize dedicated to innovation in education. A small presentation (in Italian) of the project is available on SlideShare